Investment Strategy

MLL Capital has a deep belief in the long-term trends supporting healthcare property investment.

The company currently invests exclusively in medical office, laboratory and life science properties across the risk spectrum in the 36 largest MSA’s

Healthcare Real Estate Investing

MLL Capital’s investment strategy is based on the deep belief that U.S. demographics support health care commercial real estate investment. The oldest portions of our population are growing at a rate that is 4 times the national average and they are consuming health care services at an ever-increasing rate. Continued growth in life expectancies are projected to compound this positive demand impact.

These long-term demographic characteristics combined with favorable demand and supply characteristics create superior risk-adjusted returns within both the medical office and lab sectors. Further, the confluence of capital, growing consumer demand and scientific advancement is causing both sectors to grow and appreciate more rapidly than many other commercial real estate sectors.

Acquisitions Criteria

MLL Capital invests in medical office, lab and life science real estate on a national basis in the 36 largest MSAs. The firm invests across the risk spectrum, including core, core-plus and value-add real estate investments. Typically, the firm seeks investments where it can create value through strategic capital investment, detailed repositioning and redevelopment plans with a strong focus on targeted leasing.

Medical Office



National: 36 largest primary, secondary and tertiary MSAs

Risk Profile

Risk Profile

Value-add, Core-Plus and Core

Minimum Size

Minimum Size

$10+ million

Location Type

Location Type

Prefer on-campus or campus-adjacent but will buy off-campus with hospital / health system anchor tenancy

Target Markets

  • Minnesota

  • Chicago

  • Boston

  • San Antonio

  • Washington D.C.

  • Nashville

  • Charlotte

  • New York

  • Los Angeles

  • Dallas-Fort Worth

  • Houston

  • Miami

  • Philadelphia

  • Atlanta

  • Phoenix

  • San Francisco

  • Detroit

  • Seattle

  • San Diego

  • Tampa

  • Denver

  • Baltimore

  • St. Louis

  • Charlotte

  • Orlando

  • Portland

  • Pittsburgh

  • Sacramento

  • Las Vegas

  • Cincinnati

  • Kansas City

  • Austin

  • Columbus

  • Cleveland

  • Indianapolis

  • San Jose

Lab and Life Science



Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle & Washington D.C.

Risk Profile

Risk Profile

Value-Add, Core-Plus and Core

Minimum Size

Minimum Size

$10+ million